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Minor Injuries services offered in Owensboro, KY

You need immediate care for minor injuries like ankle sprains or lacerations, but may not want to go to an emergency room. At Wesleyan Urgent Care in Owensboro, Kentucky, Sara Doolin-Thompson, DNP, and the team provide comprehensive, quality care for minor injuries. Call today if you need help managing a minor injury, or use this website to request an immediate appointment.

Minor Injuries Q&A

What are minor injuries?

Minor injuries are those that aren’t life-threatening. Small wounds, cuts, sprains, abrasions, and burns fall into this category.

These injuries are uncomfortable and bothersome. They require care to resolve but aren’t an emergency, like a compound fracture.

What are some common minor injuries?

Wesleyan Urgent Care treats a variety of common minor injuries, including:

Shallow cuts and abrasions


You may suffer a cut or abrasion because of a fall, misuse of kitchen equipment, or another cause. If the bleeding doesn’t stop even after you apply pressure, reach out to Wesleyan Urgent Care for prompt treatment.

Sprains and muscle strains


Sprains and muscle strains often occur as a result of sports play, but you don’t have to be an athlete to experience these injuries. If you step off a curb awkwardly or repetitively use your wrist during your job, for instance, you may need immediate relief for a sprain or strain.

Minor burns


Minor burns are those that are 3 inches or smaller in diameter. You should seek care if a burn forms blisters or is extremely painful and won’t resolve after ice and burn ointment are used.

How are minor injuries diagnosed?

To diagnose minor injuries, the team at Wesleyan Urgent Care thoroughly evaluates your symptoms and talks to you about the likely cause of your injury. They’ll discuss with you any at-home remedy treatments you’ve tried, such as icing, over-the-counter pain medications, or compression therapy.

If you have a joint injury, the team may refer you to get X-rays or an MRI, which can rule out fractures or other problems.

How are minor injuries treated?

Your treatment is customized to the nature and severity of your injury. You’ll receive recommendations on movement modifications, over-the-counter medications, and icing or elevation, to ease your pain and prompt healing.

If you have a cut, you may require stitches or sutures. Sprains and fractures benefit from immobilization in a brace or cast. If you have a complex injury that requires a specialist, Sara and the team can refer you to a trusted provider in the community.

Don’t wait and hope that an injury resolves on its own. Call Wesleyan Urgent Care to get immediate medical attention and treatment, or use this website to make an appointment.